Quit Smoking Tips


Smoking is very common among the people at present time. It can cause many fatal diseases. It has been proved that it is injurious to health. Quit smoking is a burning issue of today. The main objective of quit smoking is to help the smokers to stop smoking and save them from having the wish to begin smoking again. It is really very difficult for the smokers to avoid smoking. Many of the smokers want to quit this bad habit but find it hard to get rid of nicotine. Nicotine is much addictive be wired the brain. The effects of nicotine are very dangerous regarding health. We must have some systematic and effective method tested by many studies all over the world.


First of all, you should think about why you want to quit smoking. You should have some strong reasons to quit smoking. Take a look at the disadvantages of smoking seriously. Study about the diseases caused by smoking including lung cancer, stroked and heart diseases. If u feel hard to quit smoking then write the reasons, difficulties and possible symptoms that you may have after quitting smoking.

You must be fully aware of the effects of smoking cigarettes because people can get sick, disabled and die due to smoking. Over 12 million people have died from smoking related illness. Smoking can reduce 10 year of smoker’s life. You should know its fatal effects on pregnant women, on your personality, on your teeth and on the passive smokers.

Now prepare yourself to quit smoking and it needs planning. You should be mentally and physically prepare before going to quit. Set your objectives and determine the reasons to get rid of the temptations of quitting smoking program. Tobacco contains a drug called nicotine which is very addictive. It is difficult to avoid this addiction but not impossible.

Ask your family and friends about your decision. Tell them that you need their support. Set a date and hold a ceremony when you have your last cigarette. Consult your doctor because the guidance of a physician can enhance the chances to quit smoking. Try to find someone who is also trying to quit smoking and motivate each other with positive words.
Clean your teeth, clothes, room and every thing that has the smell of the tobacco at the due date of quitting smoking. Drinking lots of water will help to wash out nicotine and other chemicals from your body. It will also reduce the oral desires.

Hold something in you hand as a replacement of cigarette. You can use the quit smoking products available in the market or electronic cigarette. The best recommended drug to quit smoking is Chantix by Pfizer. Your doctor can advise some other pills.

Some activities increase your temptation to smoke like drinking alcohol. You should avoid having common triggers that lead you to smoking again.

Keep yourself busy in physical activities like sports. When you want to have a cigarette, put on your jogging shoes and go for jogging or some other sports.

Try to use more fruit and vegetables. A study shows that these foods make tobacco taste awful.

Mark the days and try to celebrate your success after every week or month.
Good luck.





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