The Truth About Laser Quit Smoking Treatments

The effectiveness of laser quit smoking treatments are not formally documented because medical science does not recognize it as a formal quit smoking method. Although there are clinics around the country citing success rates of 80%-90%, a formal method is not used to compute these rates. Before spending $200-$300 on a cold laser quit smoking treatment, do more research.

Bad News

There are few medical studies testing the effectiveness of cold laser therapy as a quit smoking method. There are reports of studies comparing the effectiveness of acupuncture versus laser quit smoking treatments to determine which was more effective to quit smoking but the results were inconclusive. Apparently, both groups had similar results.

If you really want to quit smoking, you will quit smoking and a laser quit smoking treatment may help minimize withdrawal symptoms. People who have quit, attribute their success to the relaxation they received from a cold laser quit smoking treatment. Laser therapy is not a miracle cure, you first need to make the decision to quit smoking no matter what in order for your laser quit smoking treatment to be successful. Every person knows their own temperament and what they need. If you believe a plush office, a counseling session, and a cold laser quit smoking treatment will be effective then you should try it. It could be the best $200 you spend. This treatment may provide the quit smoking support that you need to succeed.

When doing your research and comparing laser quit smoking treatment success rates, learn how the success rates are computed. How long have the patients stopped smoking? How was follow-up conducted? Have they been without a single cigarette for over a month? Three months? A year? In order to compare quit smoking success rates between methods and laser quit smoking treatment clinics, the results need to be standardized. If we are comparing apples to oranges, the results are meaningless.

Good News

Most doctors agree that there is no harm in trying a laser quit smoking treatment session if you have the time and money. It may be the excuse and support that you need to finally quit smoking. It’s similar to people who have unused fitness equipment at home, but finally start working out once they pay for a gym membership.
Spending time and/or money may increase your level of commitment. Since everyone is different, choose the quit smoking method that you feel is right for you. Your belief in a laser quit smoking treatment or other quit smoking method, can make the difference between success and failure.

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